Master of Science in Healthcare Management

Master of Science in Healthcare Management

The co-requisite research courses at the master’s level represent an essential body of knowledge and skills necessary for students to be successful in the final project of the program (Capstone). Co-requisite courses support the successful completion of certain courses and are taken in parallel with other courses in the program.

Students enrolled in core-requisite will not have a financial obligation towards the co-requisite course. Co-requisite Classes are determined during the first semester and before the end of the third semester of the program. These classes are identified by the codes LIS 400, LIS 500 and LIS 700:

  • LIS 400 Information Resources for Academic & Professional Success
  • LIS 500 Scholarly Writing and Research Strategies
  • LIS 700 Research Methodology

30 Graduate Level
Semester Credit Hours

Estimated Completion
Time 20 months

Public Health Procedures and Methods (6 Credits Required)

This concentration is designed to provide nurses and healthcare professionals with a unique leadership and management perspective while preparing them with the knowledge and competencies they need to leverage technology and data analytics tools to improve quality, safety, outcomes and cost-effectiveness of healthcare delivery.

Health Operations (6 Credits Required)

Skills in knowledge management, creating management structures that apply and transmit information (from human and technological sources) facilitating organizational decision making.

Program Objective

Program Breakdown by Course

Concentration Courses (9 credits)

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